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YAKINIKU® Barbecue Grill

Certainly you can’t call the glossy black YAKINIKU an ordinary barbecue. It’s an all-rounder that should really be referred to as a kamado. A kamado is a ceramic barbecue with its unique shape. It got thick ceramic casing and ventilation grids at the top and bottom. Therefore it allows the air to circulate perfectly, making it so much more than an ordinary barbecue.

Thousands of years of development and perfecting went into creating the kamado as we know it today. The YAKINIKU means ‘grilled meat’ in Japanese. It’s not a barbecue that stands in the garden and only used on sunny evenings. Above all it’s an appliance that you will use all year round. With the YAKINIKU you will make the most appetizing dishes and preparations, even in winter.

It comes up to temperature in no time at all and this temperature is perfectly maintained thanks to the ventilation grids. Finally it’s up to you whether you want to smoke at a low temperature, prepare a perfect, crispy pizza, or grill that delicious steak. Or add a little extra smoke to your dish or meanwhile bake some brownies on the after heat. Be aware that you have just found yourself a new hobby and from now on. Therefore you will use your ordinary cooker less and less!