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Just like with a car, the key to having your kamado grill working smoothly and reliably is to perform regular checks on it. This will help keep the grill in great condition, and make cleaning it far less stressful.

  1. Ash removal. We recommend disposing of your ash after every single use. After you have finished using you grill, allow it to cool down completely. Then, open the lid and use a rod or stick to stir any coals still left at the bottom of your grill chamber. This will help any residual ash fall though the holes at the bottom, into your ash tray. Place a bucket or large bowl underneath the grill to catch any ash that spills out, and open the draft door to remove the ash with the ash scraper
  2. Clean out mold. If you haven’t used your kamado grill for a few months (quite unlikely in Spain 😉 ) some mold might turn up.
    Heat up your grill and place all components like the grilling grates and heat deflectors in the grill where they normally fit.
    Open the grill dampers/vents up fully and close the kamado lid. Leave the grill and ramp the temperature right up high between 250˚ and 300˚. When the grill reaches this temperature range, keep it at this heat for about 20 minutes. Then, close the intake damper (the bottom vent) and let it cook for a further 20 minutes. Then close the exhaust damper (top vent). With the vents shut, the heat in the grill will naturally die down. Allow the grill to cool down completely. Once the grill has cooled, open it and use a grill brush to clean the grates. You can do this without soapy water or chemicals.
  3. Pizza stone cleaning. After use, let the stone cool completely. Use a brush to gently scrape off any leftover dirt or grease on the stone. Since only one side of your stone is really ever in use when cooking, simply flip it over for your next use. This will give you a clean surface to use, and will burn away and dirt and grease on the other side while you cook through direct exposure to heat.
    – Don’t use any soapy water to clean your stone
    – Don’t ever submerge the stone in water to clean it
    – Don’t use any oils to try and preserve, protect or season the stone
    – Don’t ever use your pizza stone in a kitchen oven
    – Don’t ever use any cleaning chemicals