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Tips & tricks

How do I light the YAKINIKU®?
Open the bottom and top air slides fully. Fill the charcoal basket up to the brim with charcoal. Light 2 or more firelighters and divide them between the coals. Close the lid and let your coals go slowly. To speed up the process, you can create extra circulation with the help of a fan at the bottom of the air slide.

How can I prepare several dishes at the same time? And can this be done with different preparations?
With the YAKINIKU you can always prepare several dishes at the same time. Do you want different preparations at the same time? Then use the YAKINIKU LARGE or XLARGE in combination with the Pro Set. The Pro Set consists of the multilevel lift, half moon heat deflectors, half moon grilles. With this set you can split your kamado in two and prepare a dish indirectly while at the same time preparing another dish directly.

How do I prepare the perfect pizza on the YAKINIKU®?
Light the kamado and let it heat up to about 150 degrees without accessories. Once you have used this temperature, place the necessary accessories and let the kamado heat up further to 280 to 300 degrees. Always use a pizza stone, heat deflector and multilevel lift to prepare a pizza. You place the pizza stone on top of your grid. Thanks to the heat deflector, the heat from your coals does not hit the bottom of your pizza stone directly, which ensures that cooking takes place evenly and in this way you prevent a burnt bottom.