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About us

We chose to restart our life in Spain. As many people we got into a ratrace of work with a lot of stress. We were craving for time together, enjoying life and to catch up with friends and family. Therefore we decided to buy a holiday home in Spain. The idea was ‘buying time together’ and no more excuses of not going off for holidays. There was always the possibility to escape to Spain for a short stay. And it worked.

It worked that well, that quite soon we decided to move to Spain permanently. To enjoy life. To spend time together. To live the good life. In short to be more aware of who we are and where we are. But above all we urged to live more with the seasons and the flow of daily life as they do in Spain.

Intentamos avalar la forma de vivir de nuestro negocio. Las parrillas YAKINIKU® Kamado representan a la perfección la forma de vivir la buena vida. Ya que trabajar con la parrilla es un viaje en sí mismo. Es una cocción lenta, se toma tiempo para el producto y el proceso y disfruta de los resultados con tus seres queridos. Además de eso, el Kamado es una forma de vida saludable. La comida a la parrilla, preparada con ingredientes frescos y de fuentes locales, definitivamente beneficia su salud.

With our concept we try to immerse you in ‘living the good life’ by unwinding, take time for friends & familiy and enjoy the Mediterranean way of living. Well, that’s our story. We hope we inspire you to choose your life.

Marco & Isabelle